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Apr. 8th, 2012

olivier sarcastic

Partners suck

Generally on large projects I'd prefer having a partner, because if I don't know something or am unsure of what I'm doing I can get their advice. However, for this sequence analysis project I would have been better off without a partner. I would have had it done by last week and could have gone home for Easter. Instead on Friday when I first met with my partner (less than a week before the project is due), I find out she got through like page 11 of the manual while I had gotten up to 43. Then yesterday we spent 5 and a half hours in the library working on it. I should really say I did, because at one point in time she left for an hour to talk on the phone. And I have to go back to school today and carry the damn poster board with me on the bus so we can work on it. Cannot wait until this class is over.

Dec. 10th, 2011

mio nty


I think by the end of finals I'm going to be blind and my right hand shall be permanently crippled. Oh yes, and I shall be insane. I don't have a huge workload this semester, only 16 units, yet I've been busting my ass since Thursday to study for four finals. Luckily I didn't have to take my VSC one, since I chose to just take the A in the class.

On Thursday I studied for Japanese, making study guides for each individual chapter and working on my kanji flashcards. That took about two hours. Then I did some on my study guide of key terms I need to know for my GWS class, which took about an hour. Finally I did a bit of reading for that class, which was about a half hour. Then Friday was the day of hand cramps and pain. I spent four and a half hours going through all the powerpoints for my micro lab and writing the information into an organized study guide, followed by some more reading for my GWS which took about an hour and a half.Then I had to finish my Japanese study guides and flashcards, which took about another hour. So nearly six hours of work yesterday. I wanted to do a bit more but around ten thirty my hand completely cramped up on me so I had to stop. I attempted to go to bed because I was tired but my back was so sore from sitting in a chair all day I had to use my brother's empi and just lay on the couch with that on my back. It was slowly working but I was tired so I went to bed with it on. It did help, my back was feeling a lot better this morning. Today was mostly a reading day, although I got distracted. I decided to do the readings (which are online) in the living room since the couch is more comfortable than my desk chair, but then basketball was on...I knew I was going to take a break for the Arizona game because, but I ended up watching the Washington Duke game, followed by portions of the Utah BYU game, the Arizona game obviously, and then part of the Indiana Kentucky game. That last one was pretty good, I can't believe Indiana won it on a buzzer beater three. I chose not to watch the Xavier Cincinnati game and ended up missing the fight at the end. In my defense during most of the morning/early afternoon ones I was working on my lab report, which took about two hours. I have the introduction section to do on that and then I'm done. Then after dinner I went straight to reading. I've nearly caught up on the readings for GWS and I'm nearly finished with the study guide for it as well. I'm going to try getting through the readings tonight and then work on going through the study guides tomorrow and starting reading for my stats class.

I'm conflicted as to what I should study though. I have Japanese and GWS finals Monday. I have complete confidence that I can get a B on the Japanese final and get a B in the class. Considering it's 4th semester I think a B is reasonable. I got a 95 on my GWS midterm with little studying so I'm not overly worried, but I'm still cautious because I need a mid B on the final to get an A in the class. Then Tuesday is my micro lab final. I completely bombed the practical, so I'm betting everything on the written final. I just have to make sure I know everything, get at least a mid B on it, and I have a B in the class. I was hoping for an A at the beginning of the semester, but I get what I get. A B is respectable. Then there's biostats on Wednesday. It's online, but the professor is a bitch and makes ridiculously difficult questions. I need to get a 20/50 for a C, 33/50 to get a B, and a 45/50 to get an A. I hated that class. I wanted to drop it so badly, but I didn't and I want that damn A. I'll settle for a B, and I might have to with the limited amount of time I'll have to focus on it, but I want that damn A. Seriously though, a B in there would be great, and that would make this the first semester in college I don't get any C's. That's really sad considering I'm a senior but it is what it is. I didn't try hard enough my freshman and sophomore year, and my junior year there was always that one class each semester (*cough* o-chem and cell biology, and by .3 percent Japanese *cough*) that eluded me. Good thing I'm not in the honors college or I'd have to throw a senior thesis on top of everything.

Nov. 6th, 2011


Damn papers

I think it needs to be illegal to have to write papers after the halfway point of the semester, because by then you've lost the motivation that you had at the beginning of the semester and end up just BSing a paper a few hours before it's due. I have a paper due on Tuesday, I'm less than half a page into the 3-4 pages it needs to be. However, I am a couple days ahead of where I need to be for NaNoWriMo. Obviously that is more interesting. I really should get back to the paper, try to get at least a page done tonight.

Apparently daylight savings time did something, I think ended? All I know is all my TV programming is messed up because everything comes on an hour later than it used to since Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time.

Aug. 30th, 2011

mio nty

My brother is clearly too young.

I think my parents made a mistake letting him move down into an apartment with me to go to school. He's too young to deal with it. I was out of the house at school at 18 too, but I was in a dorm for two years. I paid upfront, didn't have to worry about anything, all I had to do was make sure to lock the door so my stuff didn't get stolen. He doesn't understand that things cost money. Just right, after only a week and a half down here, he decided to do laundry. I always wait a minimum of two weeks to do my laundry, usually a bit more than that. Since he didn't have much in his basket he offered to throw some of my stuff in so I let him, and he used two washers. He said that they were small so he couldn't fit everything in. Bull I say. One time when I hadn't washed in three weeks I managed to shove everything into one washer. I'm sure he barely filled them and now he just wasted $1.25 more than necessary. Another thing is his lack of money. Once he gets his books and everything he needs for school he's going to be left with around 400 dollars given to him. That's enough for one month's rent. Although he was allowed to transfer down to the Culver's down here and work (plus be promoted to shift manager and earn more than at home), he still hasn't started working. I asked if he called the guy there, he said he did but I don't believe it. I picked up a few applications for him at places near campus, yet he hasn't gone to turn them in. He does nothing. He has one class a day, so he's there for like two hours if that, and then he comes home and turns on his computer and TV and watched Jersey Shore while doing who knows what online. He's been in class for a week and has yet to have any homework or do any studying. I've had three homework assignments in Japanese alone in the week and a half school has been in, plus a quiz almost everyday in that class. I've had two homework assignments already in my VSC class, and a crap load of studying for everything. I leave fairly early in the morning and on most days don't get back until after 5 or close to it. I've applied for 5 jobs thus far down here, although haven't gotten any of them. I'm turning in an application tomorrow for another one. To get off track, I'd really like this one, it's so perfect for me, working in a lab, getting good experience. Not to mention the pay is amazing, over $3 more than minimum wage in the state. Anyway,back to him. I have around $3500 dollars in the bank from re-dispersed financial aid, which is more than enough to get me through, plus I'll get just as much back next semester. Just because I have so much more doesn't mean I'm going to pay more. If anything, I think when the time comes he needs to pay more of the electric bill. Last year I managed to keep it under 20 dollars more of the time when it was just me. I have a feeling it's going to be much higher with him. When he's home he just turns on everything he can and leaves it all plugged in all the time. Whatever. I need to finish this up so I can watch Steins;Gate and then get to studying Japanese.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


I'm awesome

And why am I awesome? Why that would be because instead of paying $160 (or so the professor says) for the fifth edition of the book she ordered I bought the fourth edition, which she said was fine, for 92 cents online. I had to pay $3 in shipping, but paying under five bucks for a book isn't too bad. Plus I already know I hate that class with a passion so there's no point in paying too much for it.

BTW, totally unaware that Stereopony had a new EP out. It's awesome.

Aug. 9th, 2011


Dear Steins;Gate...

Why you gotta be so damn EPIC? Why does Okarin have to be the most bomb male lead ever? After episode 12 shit started to get real, real just like after episode 3 of Madoka. And it just keeps at that EPIC bar. With only five episodes left, I'm super pumped for what will happen. Although maybe not so much if what some people are pointing out has to happen (Okabe's D-mail, thus leading to...if you follow then you know). That would be a bummer. And if that does happen I have to wonder if he's going to accept the consequences, or try to redo what he initially did only to undo what he has been trying to do for so many episodes...that sounds so confusing without revealing anything. Meh.

Jul. 6th, 2011

ling ran fan

Arakawa-sensei, you've done it again

I figured that she would have a new manga started soon after FMA,  I just this week learned that Arakawa-sensei does have a new one out, a weekly publication called Gin no Saiji, Silver Spoon. Finally a good weekly manga. And despite being in a school setting, it's set in an farming school in Hokkaido, so yay for that.

HOTD has one chapter out this year, in March. I guess around when chapter 30 was supposed to come out, this June, three months after the last chapter, yet another freaking hiatus was announced. Seriously? Can't even come up with 30 pages of material in three months? There isn't much to it, make them run into zombies or something.

I'm also really curious when, if ever, NANA will start back up. I can't believe how long it's been since a chapter came out. I also wouldn't mind a new chapter of Kimi ni Todoke either, but they come out every now and then.

Jun. 23rd, 2011



How dare the Cavaliers take Irving over Williams. Williams is way better than Irving, plus he has an extra year of play under his belt. Plus Arizona totally kicked Duke's ass this year in the tournament. Oh well, guess the Timberwolves get the privilege of having an amazing player.

I'm hoping who I wanted out of the Pac-10 (now Pac-12, but not important) is out. I do know that Washington's stupid Thomas just barely made it, being the last pick of the draft. USC's Vucevic went, Washington State's Thompson, and Lee from UCLA. I don't know if anyone else did, hopefully a couple more. However, USC's threat level is down since they no longer have their star player, same for Washington State, although they still have Casto. UCLA and Washington have too many good players, but they lost key ones.

Jun. 18th, 2011


Somebody is slow

It took 11 episodes of Dog Days and I just now was like "is that rabbit girl voiced by Kotobuki MInako?" After looking it up I realized that not only was I right (after hearing it who knows how  many times), but Hanazawa Kana voices the quiet one of those three, and the one I was most surprised I missed, Hikasa Youko voices Brioche. I really don't know how I missed that one, I can usually recognize her voice pretty easily. I usually recognize Hanazawa's voice as well, but I guess her character in this doesn't speak too much.
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Jun. 10th, 2011


Damn you physics

You were so much easier in high school, and since it was AP it was pretty much what I'm doing now. Although back then I wasn't completely lost on the math part because I was taking math, and it's been two years since I've taken any math. And the teacher I had in high school was good at explaining things and would go through it thoroughly. This instructor just sucks, he jumps around way too much and I can't follow. For something like physics I need the instructor to be crystal clear. That class just sucks. I'm hoping I do decent on the first test, which is this week.

Of course, I lost a study day today. It's been filled with cats. This morning I woke up at 6AM to take my cats in for their vaccinations. I was happy to know Rosco hasn't gained any weight, he actually lost a few ounces, and is now 13lbs 14 oz, a bit lighter than he was last time, and Izumi, who was just shy of 5 pounds when she was fixed at four months, is now a nice 10 pounds even, around where she should be. And the vet said that their teeth are all good, which is good since last year Rosco had a bit of plaque.

After that I came home and rested for like an hour and a half, watched an episode of Buffy, played with my grandma's kitten. Then I had to go over to my parent's house and grab whatever kittens I could and get them in a box. It was not easy, they got out three times so I had to run and grab them again. Once they were in the boxes, I packed them up and began the long drive out to nowhere to take them to a no kill shelter my grandma had found for my parents to take some of the cats to. Of course, they never do anything, but I, knowing that the 30+ cats they have in the house is way too much, had to take the initiative. So then after the long drive the shelter was nowhere to be found, and after a few times driving around the area we finally stopped and asked about it at a construction company that had an address close to it. Turns out the shelter was a scam. They take the cats, take any donation you give them, and don't bother taking care of the cats, they just let them run around in the desert or streets, wherever. Not wanting to take them back home because they needed to be gone, I ended up going to the humane society and had to lie about them so that I wouldn't have to pay $75 to drop them off. I gave a $20 donation and left six of the kittens there. Since they're friendly and kittens they probably won't have any issues being adopted.

So that was my day. When I eventually got home I watched Gosick and got a bit of studying in. Tomorrow needs to be way more productive, I can't afford to fail this class. If I do I'm not going to graduate on time.
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